Over Head Hanging Signs and Blimps

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Rise above the competition and increase your visibility from all angles with a Hanging Blimp from WaveLine. Our pinwheel shaped blimps are available in range of sizes and open or closed designs. To set up, simply hang and suspend overhead from ceilings or truss systems.

Hanging exhibit sign comes with:

  • 1 x Aluminium frame
  • 1 x Fabric graphic print - single sided with white interior
  • 1 x Hanging harness system
  • 1 x Nylon carry bag

The WaveLine Blimp™ hanging banner  frame system is made from a lightweight extruded aluminum frame wrapped in a vibrant dye-sublimation graphic print and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to compliment your overall booth design and attract attention from across the exhibition hall. When paired with quick release cables, the WaveLine Blimp™ becomes a billboard visible in any direction. Available in open or closed face design and 9 unique shapes. Custom shapes available upon request. Hang and suspend overhead from ceilings or truss systems.

Inclusions and Sizing Options

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Of course, you can customise the artwork.

By offering the flexibility to customise the artwork on our exhibition stand components, you can easily redesign and change the graphic images on each individual panel. This makes perfect sense and is more economical, as it allows you to adapt and refresh the visuals without the need to invest in entirely new stands. Whether it's presenting new images, highlighting specific product launches and events, or catering to different departments within your organisation, this customisation ensures that the same stand can be used effectively at various exhibitions. It's a practical and cost-effective approach that maximises your resources while maintaining a dynamic and relevant display.