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Portable Creations Custom Services Division presents a distinctive exhibition innovation that merges the strengths of diverse systems, such as Pop Up displays, Silicon Edges Graphic Light Box Walls, Aluminium Extrusions, and tensioned Fabric graphics, into a comprehensive portable exhibition solution. Their tailor-made Expo Kits offer a fusion of style and value, featuring contemporary designs in kit forms that facilitate efficient project management while accommodating specific functional, aesthetic, and budgetary requirements. These kits are thoughtfully designed for efficient packing and shipping, resulting in savings on storage, freight, and labor expenses. Furthermore, the systems are versatile and adaptable, allowing for reconfiguration to suit various stand options, with the flexibility to incorporate additional components for different exhibitions. The inclusion of high-resolution graphic panels and large format graphics on high-definition tension fabric enhances booth presence and enables flexible messaging. Portable Creations also provides a range of supplementary accessories, such as adjustable shelving, halogen lights, structural table tops, and LCD monitors, empowering exhibitors to craft bespoke exhibition stands with a system-based pricing approach.
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Of course, you can customise the artwork.

By offering the flexibility to customise the artwork on our exhibition stand components, you can easily redesign and change the graphic images on each individual panel. This makes perfect sense and is more economical, as it allows you to adapt and refresh the visuals without the need to invest in entirely new stands. Whether it's presenting new images, highlighting specific product launches and events, or catering to different departments within your organisation, this customisation ensures that the same stand can be used effectively at various exhibitions. It's a practical and cost-effective approach that maximises your resources while maintaining a dynamic and relevant display.

You can add individual products to your stand also.

Our Exhibition Systems are tailor-made to meet your specific requirements, with the flexibility to incorporate additional products for maximum impact at your upcoming exhibition.