Sunshine Coast Business Award SCBA#23


Portable Creations, renowned for their commitment to excellence, successfully delivered a complete and highly professional package for the Sunshine Coast Business Awards. Their partnership provided a remarkable opportunity for them to align their brand with the prestigious event. Portable Creations' scope of work encompassed designing a spectacular stage backdrop. They created an impressive 8000mm rear light box that elegantly framed the 3D elements of custom-made Stretched Fabric displays, effectively showcasing this year's branding. In addition to the stage backdrop, Portable Creations produced a comprehensive traveling event package. This included media wall displays that garnered attention during press coverage, as well as an awe-inspiring sponsors logo wall. To further enhance the event's ambiance, they included 2 Air Inflatable Tower kits and an Archway kit. Portable Creations not only supplied the entire package but also took charge of installation and project management. Their commitment extended to all lead-up events and media opportunities, ensuring a seamless and visually captivating experience throughout. Their dedication to delivering a complete and professional package aligned perfectly with the Sunshine Coast Business Awards' ethos of excellence. Portable Creations' contribution enhanced the event's overall impact, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and reinforcing their own brand's commitment to excellence.

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