In addition to the successful delivery of the exhibition stand using our Custom Stretch Fabric display system and bespoke Monolith Shapes and Bench units, Portable Creations provided an impressive overhead Blimp and Lighting solution. The overhead Blimp, strategically positioned above the stand, featured Hexagon's logo and key messaging, grabbing the attention of attendees from afar and reinforcing brand visibility. To further enhance the stand's interactivity, Portable Creations incorporated LED backlit client interactive Kiosks. These sleek and modern Kiosks not only showcased Hexagon's content but also captivated visitors with their vibrant and dynamic LED lighting. The combination of the Custom Stretch Fabric display system, bespoke Monolith Shapes, overhead Blimp, and LED backlit Kiosks created an immersive and engaging environment that enticed attendees to explore Hexagon's offerings and initiate meaningful conversations. By incorporating these cutting-edge elements, Portable Creations not only met Hexagon's requirements for an interactive and visually striking stand but also provided an innovative and immersive experience for attendees. The LED backlit client interactive Kiosks and the overhead Blimp and Lighting solution added a captivating touch, making Hexagon's exhibition stand stand out from the crowd and leaving a lasting impression on visitors. Finally as part of their comprehensive service, project-managed the entire job for Hexagon Energy Materials Limited. From initial concept development to final execution, Portable Creations coordinated every aspect of the exhibition stand design and construction. Additionally, Portable Creations provided storage solutions between expos, ensuring the safekeeping of the stand when not in use. This streamlined approach allowed Hexagon to focus on their core business while Portable Creations handled all logistics, resulting in a hassle-free experience for the client.

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