ABB Conference Entrance Feature Requirements

We're seeking a distinctive entrance feature for our Sales and IT Conference. Here are our detailed project requirements:

Project Vision: Create an entrance feature that embodies ABB's mission and values, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Design Concept:

  • Innovative and visually striking
  • Reflects ABB's brand identity.
  • Aesthetically appealing

Construction and Installation:

  • On-site construction
  • 2-hour installation window
  • Durable for the conference's duration
  • Reusable for future events


  • Use sustainable materials.
  • Consider disassembly and recycling options.

Graphic Content:

  • Easy updates for future conferences

Budget and Timeline: Provide a cost estimate and timeline for each project phase.


Portable Creations skillfully addressed on-site time constraints by harnessing their Stretch Fabric Media, renowned for its swift and efficient assembly. In addition to their remarkable adaptability, they emphasize sustainability through their recyclable systems, underlining their commitment to eco-friendly practices. Portable Creations stands out for their innovative use of Flexible LED strip lighting, elevating the visual impact of their installations. What truly distinguishes them is their capacity to craft cost-effective, tailor-made solutions that offer a custom look without the premium price tag. Their dedication to sustainability and unique design capabilities make them a leader in delivering both environmentally conscious and visually striking event solutions.

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